Greenfield Bridge Opening Mosites Employee.jpg

Working for the City of Pittsburgh has provided me with unique opportunities to apply my artistic skills to projects that matter.

Skills: Photography, Curation, Installation, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop

Pictured above is a Mosites construction worker with his daughter at the opening of the bridge he worked on. At the event I wrapped up almost two years of documenting the project through photography and a construction time lapse by sharing these with the public. Throughout the bridge opening event I listened as workers excitedly told stories about the contents of the photographs, members of the public marveled at the complex process, and wide eyed children rattle off questions.

This meaningful engagement is something that artists and creators can spend their careers searching for and here I found it in the conversation between the government and the public.


This video to advertise The Bridge is Back event reached over twenty thousand views on social media in the weeks leading up to the event. 

Skills: Production, Editing, Communication, Adobe Premiere

Video as a medium is quickly becoming necessary as a communication tool. Another time lapse of the City-County Building Christmas tree being cut down and transported to the building ran in a televised morning news segment after being shared on Twitter account. This content would not have been able to achieve the same engagement or reach had it not been presented in video form.

Mcfarren Street Bridge Illustration.jpg

Numerous project presentations have given me the chance to learn the details of city projects and help communicate effectively with the community.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Presentation Design,
Adobe Illustrator

Illustration and Design are essential tools for communicating information about things that do not strictly speaking exist. In contrast to Photography and Video, which excel at documenting the world as it is, these processes allow for more freedom while also requiring more decision making in order to achieve the communication's goal.



Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Bachelors of Fine Arts Illustration
Fall 2010 - Spring 2014

Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
Communication Design Intern
December 2017 to Present

City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works
Media and Archive Intern
February 2016 - December 2017


Young Electric
Electrical Assistant
2015 - 2016

Outpost Production Co.
Production Assistant
2014 - 2015

MassArt I.T.
Helpdesk Associate
2012 - 2014

Seasonal Food Service and Retail
2007 - 2012