"Underexposed / +5.00 #2" Digital 16mp, 2014

In January I spent ten days in my home town of Housatonic Mass. as winter break was winding down. Without extended family members visiting for holiday festivities and my hometown friends gone scattered back to their colleges life became very slow as my younger siblings were back in school and parents back at work. So I devised my own self guided residency focusing on bending and breaking the "rules" when it came to camera settings. These experiments included:

- Shooting photographs at f.22 with an iso of 100 to make me focus on creating compositions with extreme light. link

- Shooting with an old compact 35mm film camera and expired film purchased at a Goodwill. link

- Shooting intentionally underexposed images then adjusting the exposure slider in Lightroom as far as it can go (+5.00) in essence controlling post processing as though it was aperture or shutter speed. link

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"f.22" Digital Series, 2014

"Underexposed / + 5.00" Digital Series, 2014